• Sonuç Büyük

Cyprus J Med Sci 2023;8(5):0-0

Dear my colleagues,

“We are the World, we are the children”

Before I start my words, I wish you good health, peace, and successful and beneficial works.

On one side, health workers, farmers, engineers, trainers... are trying to make life healthier, easier, and more comfortable, but on the other side, wars, terrorist attacks, floods, earthquakes, and fires make life unbearable, unlivable, leaving pain behind. Also, unfair income distribution around the world results in poverty, starvation, unhealthy conditions, and invitations to infectious and other diseases.

The World should fight for justice to improve conditions. Rezervs of the world are sufficient for everyone. We don’t have to go and live on mars. The world is designed for us in perfect conditions unless we destroy it. Children are our features.

We intensely condemn terrorist attachments, wars, and all kinds of terrorism that destroy democracy and threaten human rights. We wish peace to come in all parts of the world.

Coming to our issue, we are happy to complete the October issue. We hope it will help and be beneficial to our colleagues and will add new information to the literature. We are open and encourage researchers to submit their review and original articles to our journal. We encourage researchers to obey ethical rules and have an iThenticate score around 5-10% using their own words. We accept those lower than 20%, but it will be advantageous for the authors having an iThenticate score around 5-10%. We are trying our best to evaluate and publish manuscripts in a short period of time. Those articles that are accepted for publication will be on the list at the latest in four months.

Before I end my words, we send you our kind regards.

Sonuç Büyük, MD