Research Article

Examination of Sleep Disturbance and Sleep-Related Problems in Children with Type 1 Diabetes


  • Zekiye Küpçü
  • Funda Kardaş Özdemir
  • Dilek Çiftçi Baykal
  • Gülçimen Güney
  • Canan Kara
  • Servet Yel

Received Date: 24.04.2023 Accepted Date: 12.06.2023 Cyprus J Med Sci 0;0(0):0-0 [e-Pub]


This research aimed to investigate the sleep disorders and sleep problems of children with Type 1 Diabetes.


The research is descriptive and cross-sectional. The research was conducted with 105 parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes who were admitted to an training and research hospital between June and August 2022. In the collection of research data, the Introductory Information Form and the Sleep Disorder Scale for Children (SDSC) were used.


As a result of our research, the average total score of SDSC was found to be 47.60±12.740. According to this result, the level of sleep disorders of the children participating in the study is below the average score. Significant differences were found in the sub-dimensions of Wakefulness Reactions Disorders, Sleep-Wakefulness Transition Disorders, Excessive Sleepiness Disorders.


Parents participating in the study evaluated their children’s sleep disorder level as below the average score. Since the sleep disorders of children with Type 1 Diabetes are affected by familial characteristics and factors related to the disease, it is recommended to conduct other studies to identify sleep disorders and influencing factors to improve these conditions, and to provide educational and counseling services to parents on these issues.

Keywords: Type 1 diabetes, children, sleep, sleeping disturbance