Original Article

HPV: Obvious but Not Necessary Cause of Cervical Cancer


  • Gamze Mocan
  • Pınar Tulay
  • Hanife Özkayalar
  • Nedime Serakıncı

Received Date: 26.04.2019 Accepted Date: 29.04.2020 Cyprus J Med Sci 2020;5(2):107-112


Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Human papilomavirus (HPV) has been proposed to be one of the main players in the development of cervical cancer. The aim of this study was to investigate the association of HPV DNA and cervical cytology.


A total of 201 women undergoing routine gynaecological check up in Hospital were recruited. HPV genotyping and cervical Pap test were analysed.


Overall, 42% (85/201) of women analysed were tested positive for at least one of the HPV types tested. HPV DNA prevalence was the highest in women younger than 30 years old (59%, 50/85). Eighty four percent (71/85) of the HPV positive women had low to high grade cytological anomalies.


The presence of HPV DNA was strongly associated with the cytological anomalies, especially with specific HPV types. This study showed that detection of multiple HPV types is rather important in understanding the possible crosstalk among HPVs during the initiation and progression of cervical lesions. In conclusion, HPV still remains to be the most prevalent marker for cervical cancer and thus regular check up should be evaluated as a preventative policy for cervical cancer.

Keywords: Cervical cancer, cytological pathology, HPV