Original Article

Plateletcrit as a Determinant of Diffusion-Restricted Lesion Volume in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging


  • Gülşah Çıkrıkçı Işık
  • Cansu Öztürk
  • Şeref Kerem Çorbacıoğlu
  • Selma Uysal Ramadan
  • Yunsur Çevik

Received Date: 30.07.2020 Accepted Date: 29.10.2020 Cyprus J Med Sci 2021;6(1):50-53


Platelet indices have predictive and prognostic roles in ischemic events. This study aimed to evaluate the correlation between plateletcrit (PCT), one of the platelet indices that provide more comprehensive data about total platelet mass, and diffusion-restricted lesion volume by diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI).


All the patients admitted to the emergency department between September 2018 and September 2019 were retrospectively analyzed. Patients who underwent both DW-MRI and complete blood count for any reason were included. All DW-MRI results were interpreted again, and restricted lesion volumes were calculated by a radiologist. Lesions >4 cm3 in volume were considered as large restrictions. Statistical analysis was performed using IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Statistics for windows, version 22.0.


A total of 505 patients were included, of whom 285 (56.4%) had no diffusion-restricted lesions on DW-MRI. Platelet indices were compared between the patients with diffusion restriction and those without restriction on DW-MRI. In-group comparisons of these parameters between small and large restrictions were also conducted. There were no significant differences between the groups in terms of age, gender, and platelet indices. Correlations of stroke volume and platelet indices were also analyzed, and we found no correlations between these parameters (P>.05 for all).


This study showed us that neither plateletcrit nor other platelet indices were predictors of diffusion restricted lesion volume in diffusion-weighted imaging.

Keywords: Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging, blood platelets, mean platelet volume, platelet count