Original Article

Prevalence of an Azygos Lobe using Thoracic Computed Tomography


  • Levent Özdemir
  • Burcu Özdemir
  • Tuncay Duman

Received Date: 21.06.2016 Accepted Date: 24.11.2016 Cyprus J Med Sci 2016;1(3):55-57


An azygos lobe of the lung is a rare congenital venous malformation. It is usually detected using a chest X-ray, but computed tomography can also be used in selected cases for advanced examination and differential diagnosis. An azygos lobe is observed in high-resolution computed tomography images by 1.2%. We explored the prevalence of an azygos lobe using computed tomography at our hospital.


Computed tomography withdrawn by any reason was retrospectively evaluated using a picture archiving and communication system between September 2012 and November 2013 at Dörtyol State Hospital.


By examining thoracic computed tomography, the incidence of azygos lobe was found to be 1.54%. The incidence in woman and man was 1.39% and 1.64% respectively.


The frequency of an azygos lobe detected on performing computed tomography imaging was higher than that reported in the literature.

Keywords: Azygous lobe, thoracic computed tomography, prevalence