Use of Bioimpedance in Pediatrics


  • Mehmet Alp Dirik
  • Ilke Beyitler

Received Date: 22.03.2018 Accepted Date: 27.06.2018 Cyprus J Med Sci 2018;3(2):107-111

ABSTRACT Bioimpedance analysis is an easy, rapid, cheap, noninvasive, effective, and portable technique that can be utilized in several pediatric health conditions. The fluid status evaluation, edema, obesity, malnutrition, inflammation, infection, pain, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, nephrourological evaluation, gastroesophageal reflux, and neonatal problems are some of the issues studied with bioimpedance. As the pediatric-age group is usually difficult to manage, such practical and accurate methods are promising for better results.

Keywords: Bioimpedance, children, utility