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3D Printing of Surgical Instruments for Children: Testing the Novel Concept


Department of Pediatric Surgery, Near East University School of Medicine, Nicosia, Cyprus


Near East University, NEU3D Laboratories, Centre for Experimental Health Research, Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus J Med Sci 2017; 2: 57-60
DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2018.311
Read: 69 Downloads: 6 Published: 23 July 2019


BACKGROUND: Three-dimensional (3D) printing is currently being explored in various medical fields with promising results, and customized surgical instrument prototyping and production seems to be one of the promising approaches, particularly in pediatric surgery. This study aimed to test the possibility of desktop 3D printing of surgical instruments for use in pediatric surgery.


MATERIAL and METHODS: Roux retractor and infant laparoscopic trocar were designed using Solidworks 3D CAD software (Dassault Systemes, FR). Mechanical durability simulation tests were performed using Solidworks Simulation software. The instruments were printed in Ultimaker 2+ Extended 3D printer (Ultimaker, NL) using 2.85-mm polylactic acid filaments.


RESULTS: Roux retractor was designed in 15 min and printed in 90 min. Laparoscopic trocar was designed in 2 h and printed in 2 h. Application of 5-kilogram force (kgf) resulted only in 0.84-mm displacement in infant laparoscopic trocar. The 5 kgf applied to the Roux retractor’s curved face caused 9.22-mm displacement. The laparoscopic trocars weighed 7.40±0.07 g, and Roux retractors weighed 12.50±0.04 g. The interior chamber of the 3D-printed laparoscopic trocars withstood a mean of 10±1.5 mmHg pressure without any obvious air leakage. Post-sterilization culture results of all prototypes were proven to be sterile.


CONCLUSION: 3D printing of surgical instruments is a promising field in pediatric surgery as it offers a great versatility regarding both design and production.


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