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Assessment of the Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Associated Factors Among First -Year Medical Students in Northern Cyprus


Department of Public Health, Near East University, Nicosia, Turkey

Cyprus J Med Sci 2021; 6: 192-200
DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2020.1090
Read: 192 Downloads: 89 Published: 02 March 2020

Background/Aims: Health professionals play crucial roles in promoting healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases worldwide. The aim of the study was to assess the healthy lifestyle behaviors of the first-year medical students in Northern Cyprus and explore the related factors that influence their behaviors.

Material and Method: This was a cross-sectional study using a self-administrated questionnaire to collect information from 345 first-year medical students with a response rate of 88%. A composite healthy lifestyle index was constructed as an outcome measurement of healthy lifestyles based on the eight lifestyle factors, namely sleeping hours, diet, physical activity, body-mass index, sun protection, using a seatbelt, smoking, and alcohol intake.

Results: Of all, 49.3% of the students were female and the mean age of the participants was 18.9 ±1.28 years. About 59% of the students had unhealthy lifestyles, with high prevalence in all sub-factors; smoking (47.5%), inadequate diet (49.4%); physically inactivity (45.8%), insufficient sleep (29.4%); no sunlight protection (77.4%); no seat belt while driving (42%); alcohol intake (38.2%); abnormal body-mass index (31.2%). The boys were significantly more prone to risky behaviors than girls. Having negative perceptions of own health (OR=2.2; CI: 1.26 -3.86) and body image (OR=1.9; CI: 1.22-3.22) were positively associated with having unhealthy lifestyles.

Conclusion: Unhealthy behaviors were prevalent among the first-year medical students, and males were at higher risks. These findings highlighted the needs to develop gender-specific healthy lifestyle counseling programs into the first-year medical curriculum, integrated with sexual education and family planning components.

You may cite this article as: Abuduxike G, Aşut Ö. Assessment of the Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Associated Factors Among First -Year Medical Students in Northern Cyprus. Cyprus J Med Sci 2020; 6(3): 192-200.

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