Original Article

Determination of Health Literacy Levels and Effecting Factors of Elderly Living in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus/Dikmen Region
  • Hatice Bebiş
  • Dilay Necipoğlu
  • Münüre Akgör
  • E. Ümit Seviğ
Cyprus J Med Sci 2022; 7: 18-25 DOI: 10.4274/cjms.2020.1206

Research Article

Validity and Reliability Study of the Turkish Version of the Michigan Revised Diabetes Knowledge Test and Its Relationship with the Turkish Health Literacy Scale-32 Scores
  • Ülkem Şen Uzeli
  • Dilek Yapar
  • Nihal Aydemir
  • Ferit Kerim Küçükler
Cyprus J Med Sci 2023; 8: 365-371 DOI: 10.4274/cjms.2023.2023-73