Original Article

Role of the Tympanometric Gradient and Acoustic Reflex on Prognosis of Otitis Media With Effusion
  • Nihat Susaman
  • Hasan Cetiner
Cyprus J Med Sci 2021; 6: 30-33 DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2021.1752
Is There Any Correlation Between Preoperative Platelet Indices and Surgical Prognostic Factors in Patients with Cervical Cancer?
  • Emre Erdem Taş
  • Gülin Feykan Yeğin
  • Hüseyin Levent Keskin
  • Edip Alptuğ Kır
  • Ayşe Filiz Yavuz
Cyprus J Med Sci 2019; 4: 38-42 DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2019.676
Advanced Stage Buccal Carcinoma: Effect of Local Extension on Prognosis
  • Ela Cömert
  • Ümit Tunçel
  • Fatih Turan
  • Caner Kılıç
  • Pınar Atabey
Cyprus J Med Sci 2017; 2: 52-56 DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2017.304
Glasgow Prognostic Score is a Useful Predictive Factor for Palliative Surgery Outcomes in Advanced-stage Gastric Cancer
  • Serhan Derici
  • Tufan Egeli
  • Ali Cevlik
  • Işıl Basara
  • Sinan Ünal
  • Özgül Sagol
  • Koray Atila
Cyprus J Med Sci 2019; 4: 110-114 DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2019.1081
Clinical Value of Hemoglobin and Albumin Levels and Lymphocyte And Platelet Count (HALP) Combination in Predicting Postoperative Complications, Lymph Node Positivity and Prognosis in Gastric Cancer Patients Who Underwent Curative Surgical Resection
  • Orçun Yalav
  • Uğur Topal
  • Ayşe Gizem Ünal
  • Ahmet Gökhan Sarıtaş
Cyprus J Med Sci 2020; 5: 145-152 DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2020.1747
The Association of Ki-67 and the Stage change between AJCC 7th and 8th Edition in Breast Cancer
  • Zehra Edebal
  • Sami Turan
  • Hüseyin Kılıç
Cyprus J Med Sci 2020; 5: 289-294 DOI: 10.5152/cjms.2020.1431
Neuroendocrine Tumors Presenting with Liver Metastasis, is it Necessary to Find the Primary Site for a Better Outcome?
  • Ayşe Demirci
  • Hasret Cengiz
  • Ceyhun Varım
Cyprus J Med Sci 2022; 7: 541-545 DOI: 10.4274/cjms.2021.2021-15